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Governance of Enterprise IT

Duration : 4 Days

This official ISACA CGEIT certification course prepares you for the exam to become Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT.

It provides you with in-depth coverage on the GEIT Framework. As part of this 2020 updated ISACA CGEIT exam content outline, the exam domains have been consolidated from five to four, and include the governance of enterprise IT, IT resources, benefits realization, and risk optimization. This course is designed specifically for Senior Managers, CIOs, Compliance and IS Professionals, and those looking for more efficient and effective practices to manage IT The role of Enterprise IT Governance is not always clear to organizations looking to manage risk to and in an organization. Achieve this in-demand certification and demonstrate your ability to manage IT resources.

You Will Learn How To:

• Prepare for and pass the Certified Governance Enterprise IT (CGEIT) exam
• Define, establish, and manage a framework for the governance of enterprise IT
• Enable and support the achievement of enterprise objectives
• Ensure that IT-enabled investments are managed to deliver optimized business benefits
• Establish an IT risk management framework to identify, analyze, mitigate, manage, monitor, and communicate IT-related business risk
• Optimize IT resources


Governance Framework
• Components of a Governance Framework
• Organizational Structures, Roles, and Responsibilities
• Strategy Development
• Legal and Regulatory Compliance
• Organizational Culture
• Business Ethics
Technology Governance
• Governance Strategy Alignment with Enterprise Objectives
• Strategic Planning Process
• Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement
• Communication and Awareness Strategy
• Enterprise Architecture
• Policies and Standards
Information Governance
• Information Architecture
• Information Asset Lifecycle
• Information Ownership and Stewardship
• Information Classification and Handling

IT Resource Planning
• Sourcing Strategies
• Resource Capacity Planning
• Acquisition of Resources
IT Resource Optimization
• IT Resource Lifecycle and Asset Management
• Human Resource Competency Assessment and Development
• Management of Contracted Services and Relationships

IT Performance and Oversight
• Performance Management
• Change Management
• Governance Monitoring
• Governance Reporting
• Quality Assurance
• Process Development and Improvement
Management of IT-Enabled Investments
• Business Case Development and Evaluation
• IT Investment Management and Reporting
• Performance Metrics
• Benefit Evaluation Methods

Risk Strategy
• Risk Frameworks and Standards
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance
Risk Management
• IT-Enabled Capabilities, Processes, and Services
• Business Risk, Exposures, and Threats
• Risk Management Lifecycle
• Risk Assessment Methods


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