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Introduction to Python for Data Science

Duration : 2 Days

This course will introduce Fundamental Python for Data science purpose.

Students start to learn data science concept and basic python programming. The major topics in this course offers the practical knowledge and techniques you need to perform many basic tasks in data analysis.


Introduction to Data science
• Data science concept and lifecycle
• Data analytic and data science usage

Basic Python Programming.
• Basic syntax, variable, string, list, dict
• Conditional expression, looping, function usage
• Activity: Defining and using function

Data Structure: Data Frame
• Pandas data frame
• Load (import) external data
• Overviewing data
• Activity : Loading external data and overviewing data frame

Selecting Data (Navigating) in Data Frame
• Duplicating data frame and selecting column
• Selecting rows and columns using iloc and loc
• Conditional expression for data selection
• Activity : Writing conditional expression in data selection

Manipulating dataframe
• Returning count of unique value
• Deleting or adding columns
• Deleting rows
• Save dataframe into external data (file)
• Activity : Selecting and dropping rows based on conditional expression

Introduction to Data Visualization
• Pandas plotting : lineplot, barplot, pie chart
• Simple visualization using seaborn : lineplot, barplot, scatterplot
• Activity : Representing data distribution and categorical data


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