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Big Data with Hadoop and Spark

Duration : 4 Days

This course will introduce developers to the Hadoop ecosystem, focus on multiple programming models including MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Apache Spark.

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Basic knowledge of programming in Java

Intended audience

Developers who wish to obtain the skills and knowledge to develop big data solutions with Hadoop and Spark.


• Developing MapReduce programs in Java
• Analyzing Data using Pig and Hive
• Distributed programming with Spark
• Using Machine learning algorithms

Course Outline

Hadoop Introduction
• Big Data Analytics
• What is and Why Hadoop
• Comparing Hadoop with Other Technologies
• Hadoop Architecture
• Hadoop Ecosystem
• Hadoop Usage Examples

Hadoop Installation
• Hadoop Operational Modes
• Hadoop Installation Options

Hadoop HDFS
• What Is and Why HDFS
• HDFS Architecture
• HDFS Features
• HDFS Commands
• Hue Web UI

Hadoop MapReduce
• Hadoop MapReduce Operational Architecture
• MapReduce General Concepts
• Hadoop MapReduce Programming
• Hadoop MapReduce Framework
• Hadoop MapReduce Example: Word Count
• Executing Hadoop MapReduce Application
• Input File and Input Format

Hadoop Pig
• What Is and Why Pig?
• Executing Pig
• Pig Latin Concepts
• Pig Latin Script: Operators and Functions
• Pig Latin Script: Structure
• Pig Latin Relational Operators
• Pig Examples

Hadoop Hive
• What Is and Why Hive?
• Hive Architecture
• HiveQL
• Physical Layout
• Loading Data into Hive Tables
• Partitions
• Joining
• Buckets

Spark Workshop
• Why Spark?
• Basic Concepts
• Running on Clusters
• Spark SQL
• Spark Streaming


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