Developing Infographics

Duration : 3 Days

This practical course will teach you how to find the story in the data and tell it to your readers using tried and tested journalistic techniques, from angle and structure to powerful headlines and an irresistible call to action. You will explore different infographic formats and develop content all the way to the point of design.

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Infographics are an exciting visual way to tell a story, reveal the truth in the data, provide engaging and accessible information, and reinforce your brand. If they are timely, relevant and useful – and great to look at – they can have a viral impact. But the content has to be rich, well-researched, accurate, and have a strong narrative flow.


No Prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

• What is an infographic?
• What makes a successful infographic?
• Balanced branding: how infographics work best as marketing tools
• The infographics as an integrated element of your company’s digital marketing strategy

Common Infographic Styles
• Diagram Infographics
• Process Infographics
• Chart Infographics
• Timeline Infographics
• Best practice for data presentation

Getting good ideas
• Researching topics for different infographic styles
• Finding the best data
• Defining and refining your angle

Telling the story
• Infographic content as journalism
• Structuring the narrative
• What’s new or different?
• Reliable data: using statistics and facts to support the story
• Brief but never dull: the art of concise reporting

The Call to Action
• The core message of your infographic
• Your audience: who wants to know?
• Compelling content: revelations, shared practical advice and engaging questions
• Capturing emotions: how to write attention-grabbing headlines and other sells

Avoiding common pitfalls
• Weak, old or non-existent stories
• Inaccurate or out-of-date data
• Over-branding

The design brief
• Visualizing the story
• Standing out from the crowd


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